Master's program
«Contemporary combinatorics» (online)
Head of Program
professor A.M. Raigorodskii

Program Highlights
The Department of Discrete Mathematics of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) launches a call for the two-year Master's Program «Contemporary combinatorics». The Program will create a solid foundation of knowledge of modern discrete mathematics and its applications in computer science and in the analysis of complex networks.

With the help of new educational technologies and the "flipped learning" approach, courses on basic specialties, compulsory general education courses and interaction with a research supervisor on writing research are being transferred to the online form.

The educational program consists of:
  • Electronic courses in which the student will be able to vary the pace of study;
  • Weekly webinars in the format of "office hours", in which you can interact interactively with the teacher and ask the questions;
  • personal advice on the conduct of scientific work.

Intermediate exams are taken using remote identity verification technologies with a remote proctor controller.

Introduction to Combinatorics
Theory of Probability
Linear Algebra
Introduction to Graph Theory
Random Graphs
Advanced Graph Theory
Computational Complexity
Machine Learning
Game Theory
Visiting Lectures
Extremal Combinatorics
Additive Combinatorics
Neural Network
Complex Networks
Конкурсная группа - ФПМИ ПМИ англоязычные программы
Конкурсные группы МФТИ и количество мест

Вступительные испытания - математика и комбинаторика
Подробнее о вступительных испытаниях по математике и комбинаторике

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