Master's program
«Modern state of Artificial Intelligence» (online)
Department of Discrete Mathematics
Head of Program
professor A.M. Raigorodskii
Program Highlights
This program is built by experts, who proved themselves both in industry and academia. Supported by top-tier companies in the AI field: Yandex, Sberbank, this program bridges delivers the most comprehensive coverage of the AI field so far.

Graduate of this program should gain the:
  • Knowledge of how to reformulate real (e.g. business) problems in technical language and understand the appropriate approaches to them
  • Proficient knowledge of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, when and how to apply the appropriate Machine Learning/Deep Learning methods
  • Ability to retrieve fruitful insights from the data and present them in an informative way
  • Proficiency in creating stable and effective software, building reliable and robust data pipelines
  • Distributed and cloud computing competencies
  • General understanding of the modern state and trends of the AI field

Deep Learning
Cloud computing
Applied Data Analysis
Computer Vision
Natural Language Processing
Reinforcement Learning
Конкурсная группа - ФПМИ ПМИ англоязычные программы
Конкурсные группы МФТИ и количество мест

Вступительные испытания - математика и комбинаторика
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